peggy_nvbathIt began over 8 years ago in a tiny lavender shop in the south of France. I walked in and fell in love....with lavender....and all that it stood for. I knew at that moment that someday I would have my own line..and it would be as connected to the planet. Time passed and my girls and St. Helena Olive Oil Co. took all of my energy...but I never forgot. In 2009, as we prepared to leave for our six month hiatus in Florence, Italy, I received a phone call from a new olive grower...they had 15,000 organic lavender plants and a distillation shed....was I interested?

Join us on our new journey as we discover what the planet has to offer our body, mind and soul...and be keep your dreams alive...because you never know when your phone is going to ring.

Pace (peace), Peggy, Kaelin and Emily